Women's Timber Corps, Culford Training Camp, Bury St. Edmunds

5 Stars

It's wonderful to read these stories of the women who contributed so much to the war effort but were then forgotten about.

Thanks to Joanna's perseverance and determination, they are now being rightly honoured and remembered.

XJS Jag Girl

5 Stars

What a treat to find a book about a bunch of girls procured from the Land Army into the Lumberjills.

The Lumberjills Britains Forgotton Army is a true story full of anecdotes about the girls doing their bit during the Second World War, reminding us of the incredible hard work they undertook helping to keep Britain Safe.


5 Stars

“A great story, steeped in fact! I laughed , I cried and  and now I want more.

This fictional novel is such a great read because it's a realistic AND an exciting story, with a strong, "unlikely friendships are still good friendships" theme.

Author added to my follow list in anticipation.

Amazon reviewer

4 Stars

“Joanna Foat’s characters are brilliantly drawn and so wonderfully written, readers will end up missing them when they turn the last page.

Written with style, flair and heart, this evocative, entertaining and gloriously readable historical novel is a delight from beginning to end and I look forward to reading more books from Joanna Foat.