Women's Timber Corps, Culford Training Camp, Bury St. Edmunds

Lumberjills Exhibition

Dalby Forest, North York Moors National Park

Open daily from 23 March until 30 June-8am to 4pm

Dalby Forest, Courtyard Exhibition Space, Low Dalby

Step back in time and discover the unsung heroines of World War II with Forestry England's fascinating exhibition, "Women inForestry: The Lumberjills Story".

Delve into the remarkable journey of the Lumberjills, a courageous group of women who defied convention and transformed the landscape of forestry

during one of history's most tumultuous


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"The Lumberjills Britains Forgotton Army is a true story full of anecdotes about the girls doing their bit during the Second World War, reminding us of the incredible hard work they undertook helping to keep Britain safe. 

"From her interviews Joanna Foat has brought to life their camaraderie, strength and endurance and great sense of humour throughout. So many people have never heard of Lumberjills so how fitting a tribute to these wonderful young women of the 1940's."

Buy print book direct from author

"A powerful story of hardship and friendship, based on the author’s own original research. I was rooting for these girls to prove themselves on their challenging adventure." 

Suzanne Goldring

best-selling author of My Name is Eva

Meet the Lumberjills


‘Many of the lumberjills I met were upset that they remained a footnote in history, so I wanted to make sure they were remembered. Now their incredible feats of physical and mental endurance inspire women today. Given the freedom and opportunity to work together out in the forest, the lumberjills became very strong and were a huge success.’ 

Joanna Foat

  Celebrating Women in History